We design & build data solutions for
Finance Supply Chain Procurement Merchandising Logistics Manufacturing

We are the data scientists and data engineers from Argon & Co. We use data analytics, AI, IoT and digital technologies to improve operational performance. Our solutions and processes are simple, tailored and clear.
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We help operational and digital teams in their data transformation

IRIS is a team of operations experts, data scientists and data engineers within Argon & Co that specialize in data analytics for operations.

We use Data Science , AI, IoT and digital technologies  to design and build clear solutions that provides a new level of efficiency and profitability for our clients. We approach every challenge with humility, determination and fairness.

Our team applies a combination of operations experience, data expertise and broad business knowledge to improve operational performance. We deliver robust, transparent and practical data-driven insights and solutions to generate real change.

We are based in Paris, and work collaboratively with the Argon & Co global offices.

Our services

Our solutions

We have built trust with operations and data teams

Client cases

Why IRIS by Argon & Co


A dedicated team of machine learning, deep learning, artificial intelligence and operational research experts

Provide expertise in data architecture and operations-related datasets

Build custom models using data and digital expertise

Business Expertise

Provide recognized expertise in supply chain, manufacturing, procurement, finance and shared services

Work on process changes to implement technological innovation

Design bespoke solutions to best fit our clients specific challenges


Have tangible projects in production supporting real life processes

Focus on high impact use cases

Monitor project impact over time

Care about making a real difference for clients


Translate complex concepts into simple business language

Make recommendations based on facts and data

Use “Explainable AI” to explain how predictive models work

Avoid black box solutions