Supply Control Tower

We offer a breakthrough data-driven approach to improve both customer service and cash requirements through an end-to-end view of your Supply Chain

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We offer a breakthrough data-driven approach to improve both customer service and cash requirements through an end-to-end view of your Supply Chain

Supply Chain performance

While flows are often increasingly complex and subject to numerous instabilities (variation in demand, non-quality…), Supply Chain performance is now at the heart of corporate strategy. Unfortunately, it is often difficult to reach new levels of performance.

Supply Control Tower massively consumes SAP Supply Chain data, implements advanced models to make the data speak as well as the appropriate visualization. It enables to improve performance along 4 axes:

  • Reinforces agility to react to variations in demand without unnecessary disruptions to flows.
  • Increases anticipation and ensures planning is achieveable
  • Reduces overstocks, obsolescence and express transport overcosts
  • Ensures collaoration within a wide planning and execution team by giving a meaning to each action and strengthening collaboration.

This approach also allows :

  • To combine a global managerial vision with a detailed operational vision
  • To activate the strength of team-work by making all the actors responsible for their actions. 

Service level improvement

Having a very high customer service rate is no longer an objective but a standard!

To differentiate from competition, it is now a question of being agile in order to satisfy an increasingly fluctuating customer demand.

The complexity of flows, constraints at all levels and the silo effect between functions make this agility objective difficult to achieve.

Supply Control Tower is based on a simple unifying principle: to focus all teams on the same objective: satisfying customer needs…

  • …wherever you are in the chain (including multi-level and multi-site)
  • …whatever your function is in the flow (procurement agent, planner, qualitician, manufacturing engineer, logistician…)

Thanks to an end-to-end analysis and vision, Supply Control Tower suggests pragmatic actions, easy to understand and consistent between actors.

Based on an approach by exception, it ensures transparency of information and allows to efficiently manage progress of actions.

Integrated cash optimization

It is often very difficult to reconcile the Supply Chain vision and the financial vision, particularly with regard to the management of inventories, cash inflows and outflows.

Using massively SAP data, Supply Control Tower allows to provide a common Supply Chain-Finance vision and to reduce unnecessary cash outflows while serving the sales on time (cash in):

  • Ensures that procurement serves demand for the finished product and does not generate overstock or obsolescence,
  • Allows to not manufacture earlier than necessary,
  • Secures complete compliance in case of assembly (no missing components),
  • Maximizes cash in billing by ensuring complete compliance and on-time delivery,
  • Gives you a clear view of risks associated with different demand scenarios.

Accelerated transformation

A fast-pace implementation and rapid achievement of benefits is a key element of our approach.

An implementation of Supply Control Tower on a first perimeter can be achieved in a few days in order to be quickly turned into actions:

  • No tunnel effect
  • A pragmatic and robust approach
  • Quick impact

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Head of SCT