Automated data quality audit for manufacturing

Large pharmaceutical group with an industrial footprint in a dozen countries and commercial operations in 150 countries.

The objective of this project was to monitor and improve data quality, to ensure business continuity on critical planning and manufacturing process

Company size: 7b€ revenues





  • Identify critical data for forecast, planning, scheduling and packaging processes. Define data quality rules and prioritize corrective actions.
  • Implement a complete and robust tool with SQL Server, Dataiku, and PowerBi to monitor data quality and assign corrective actions.
  • Transfer the responsibility of the tool to the company to enable future evolutions.


  • Dataiku implementation of about 200 quality tests covering 30 processes.
  • PowerBi dashboard, automatically updated by Dataiku, reporting data quality KPI and assigning corrective actions.
  • Training sessions for company teams, written and video documentations on how to use and maintain the tool