Ideation, proof of value and deployment of Track & Trace use cases

Our client is a global specialty chemistry group composed of multiple business units specialized by product families

A general lack of visibility over all flows generates multiple issues for our client : oversized containers fleets, overstocks, delays, customer satisfaction, security, high workload for tracking…

Our objective is to explore Track & Trace use cases, propose Proofs of Value, assess their value & scalability to all business units, then support deployment

Company size : 8,5 b€ revenue, Worldwide support


  • Animate a global seminar with representatives from all BUs to explore Track & Trace use cases and market, leading up to 11 Proofs of Value concrete proposals
  • Evaluate and rank candidates on profitability, accessibility and scalability to select 6 priority PoVs use case
  • Organize, launch, pilot and assess PoVs in parallel, as well as overall program management


  • All priority use-case tested, with strong on-boarding from Business Units and partnerships from solution providers, in an Agile mode
  • 3 use-cases with value demonstrated and solutions to be deployed further
  • Supply Chain community mobilized on Track & Trace, data and PoV methods
  • 2 new innovative uses case being investigated