Team & culture

This is the place to find out about Iris by Argon & Co’s team, culture and how we deliver projects

Our culture

We love what we do, we take great attention to detail and invite curious and skilled people to join our growth.


Embedded within Argon & Co, we are a growing team of 30+ people dedicated to delivering data-centric projects. We approach every challenge with humility, determination and fairness.

We combine our skills and approach with Argon & Co’s recognized capabilities in transformation  to deliver impactful, scalable projects.

We have developed over the last 4 years a unique cross-functional team of data experts data scientists, data engineer, tech lead and project leaders – all dedicated to operations business expertise.

Our people have outstanding academic backgrounds. We enjoy working in a diverse and multicultural team coming from France, Vietnam, Morroco, Tunisia, Greece, US, Japan and Cameroon.

Our clients and consultants say the same thing; we do things differently to others. We work hard at this, recruiting the best people and focusing on our culture and collaborative approach, which is unique in the sector.


Our people are our business. We provide teams of highly skilled consultants to apply a combination of technical expertise, operational experience, business knowledge and common sense to deliver real change.

Underpinning our approach is caring about each other and our clients. We are real people dealing with real people, so we need to understand what the issues and concerns are that clients are facing, and also allow our colleagues to develop their skills on a wide range of assignments whilst achieving a sustainable work-life balance

Meet the team

Our approach

Accelerate AI strategy for operations

  • Advanced Demand Management
  • Supply Control Tower
  • End-to-end visibility and alerting
  • Logistics and route optimization
  • Store merchandising and assortment planning
  • Manufacturing modelling & predictive maintenance
  • Finance planning
  • Spend modeling & forecasting


  • Machine Learning
  • Deep learning
  • Data engineering
  • Data visualization
  • Operational Research
  • Complex flow modelling
  • Data architecture
  • IoT


  • Data Quality
  • Data Platform
  • Data Governance
  • Performance monitoring
  • ML Ops
  • CI/CD

Why Iris by Argon & Co


  • A dedicated team of machine learning, deep learning, artificial intelligence and operational research experts
  • Provide expertise in data architechture and operations-related datasets
  • Build custom models using data and digital expertise

Business Expertise

  • Provide recognized expertise in supply chain, manufacturing, procurement, finance and shared services
  • Work on process changes to implement technological innovation
  • Design bespoke solutions to best fit our clients specific challenges


  • Have tangible projects in production supporting real life processes
  • Focus on high impact use cases
  • Monitor project impact over time
  • Care about making a real difference for clients


  • Translate complex concepts into simple business language
  • Make recommendations based on facts and data
  • Use “Explainable AI” to explain how predictive models work
  • Avoid black box solutions

by Argon & Co

Leader in operations strategy and transformation

Argon & Co is a global management consultancy that specialises in operations strategy and transformation. With expertise spanning the supply chain, procurement, finance and shared services, we work together with clients to transform their businesses and generate real change. Our people are engaging to work with and trusted by clients to get the job done.

We have offices in Paris, London, Abu Dhabi, Amsterdam, Atlanta, Auckland, Dusseldorf, Lausanne, Melbourne, Mumbai and Singapore.