Using daily market & sales data to monitor global COVID-19 impact

Our client operates in 30+ countries, each of them being differently impacted by the COVID-19 health crisis. Faced with the sudden shutdown of its retail stores followed by gradual reopening, our client wants to consolidate data and KPIs to better understand the current impacts on Sales at a country level. Then, the goal is to build future demand scenarios considering rapidly changing consumers behaviors and evolving governmental constraints.


  • Consolidate publicly available data (Health indicators, lockdown index, government regulations in place) with semi-public data (mobility index from Apple/ Google/ Citymapper, Google Trends, Google Flights) and private data (sales history by country and brand)
  • Build macro sales forecast scenario, at country level based on external data as proxy of Sales
  • Deploy an informative dashboard, presenting the results above and providing access to the underlying data for deep-dive analysis


  • 8 different sources of data consolidated and refreshed daily
  • Dashboard deployed in less than two weeks
  • 3 scenarios modeled for a 6 months outlook (Baseline, optimist, second-wave)